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New Registration Application

A. Process for application for new Registration

  1. Click on “e-Registration” link at the bottom of this page. It will open the e-Registration Page.
  2. On the e-Registration Page, enter the details as required including PAN.
  3. PAN will be verified on a real-time basis from the Income Tax Database.
  4. Please select the ACT (VAT / CST / PT) under which registration is required.
  5. If you have a VAT registration earlier, please provide the TIN in the appropriate place. If you do not have a TIN, leave it blank.
  6. Please select a Security Question and an answer from the drop-down list. Remember to keep note of the same for future use.
  7. Once the PAN is validated, click on “Submit” to submit the request.

Application for Registration under VAT Act or CST Act:

  1. Once successfully submitted, a link will be sent to the given email ID.
  2. Clicking on the link will re-direct back to the portal and will open the Application Form to be filled up.
  3. Fill up the details in the application form and submit the application for new registration.
  4. Once the application for registration is submitted successfully, it will be presented before the respective jurisdictional officer for disposal.
  5. After the registration is granted by the Jurisdictional Officer, an email containing the registration number (11 digit number called TIN) and the initial password will be sent to the registered email ID of the applicant.
  6. The applicant should change the initial password immediately after first login. The applicant can use the Registration Number as the User ID and the initial password to log in to the portal to view details, file returns etc.

Application for Registration / Enrollment under Professional Tax Act:

  1. In case of applications under Professional Tax Act, system will open with two application forms.
    1. Form I – For Deductor / Employers; and
    2. Form II – for enrollment by others (Business entities, Traders, Professionals etc.)
  2. In case an entity is required to apply for registration as deductor and enrollment the applicant is required to apply in both Form-I & Form-II in this sequence.
  3. Fill up the required details in the required form(s) and submit. The submitted Application(s) will be approved by the system instantly and the Registration Number and Password will be sent by the system to the given email ID of the applicant, without any requirement of any manual intervention.

After the registration:

  1. The Registration Certificate, under all Acts as applied for, is available for download in the Home Page after login. There is no need to visit the jurisdictional offices for the certificate.
  2. In case of any technical support, please call our Help Desk at 1800-345-6753 (Toll Free) or write a mail to

B. Checklist of Documents to be uploaded:

Physical submission of any document for application for new registration is not required.

Application for Registration under VAT Act or CST Act:

  1. PAN – it will be validated at the time of online application.
  2. Photograph of the Applicant(s)
  3. Documents to be uploaded (Legible Scanned copy)
    1. Proof of Residence of Proprietor (any ONE of the following)
      1. Voter Identity Card
      2. Passport
      3. Driving License
      4. Aadhaar Card
      5. Holding Tax payment receipt for current / previous year
      6. Last paid electricity bill in the name of applicant or parents or spouse
      7. Last paid land line telephone bill in the name of applicant or parents or spouse
      8. Any other document as may be notified by the Commissioner from time to time
    2. Proof of Place of Business (any ONE of the following)
      1. Holding Tax payment receipt for current / previous year
      2. Record of Right
      3. Agreement or lease deed doly executed in case of rented premises
      4. Certificate issued by the local authority in respect of shops and Establishment
    3. In support of Constitution of Business
      1. For Company – Certificate of incorporation issued by Registrar of Companies and Memorandum of Association and Article of Association
      2. For Partnership Firms including LLPs –Partnership deed
      3. For other concerns – Any document in support of their constitution/ incorporation/ registration
    4. Other Documents
      1. Authorisation for authorized signatory, Company / Board resolution
      2. Copy of VAT / CST Registration in other states (if any)
      3. Copy of License / Registration Certificates

Application for Registration / Enrollment under Professional Tax Act:

  1. PAN – it will be validated at the time of application only.
  2. No document is required to be uploaded or provided along with the application.

C. Fees for Registration:

An amount of Rs. 500/- is to be paid as processing fee along with the application for new registration under the OVAT Act only. Reference: Commissioner's Office Order No. 11899/CT dated 01-08-2016

Pay Processing Fee